Data Protection

Your trust in me in important, I aim to be clear open and honest in all aspects of our relationship

This is my latest data protection information I will bring a copy of this to our first session.

I will keep brief hand written notes about our work together. These aid my memory and help me to provide my best service to you. I am obliged to keep these notes as well as your name and address for a period of 5 years by my insurance company. In order that your information remains anonymous I keep your notes separately to your personal details and keep all of my paperwork in locked storage boxes. You are free to read these notes at anytime during our work together.

I do not currently use online digital storage I may store your phone number on my phone or your e-mail address on my computer. These devices are both for my personal use only, are password protected and carry the latest security software. I will not store this information for longer than we work together.

If we do communicate by text or e-mail I will keep the text or e-mail conversation until the end of our work together at which point I will delete them from my device. 

I will not share your personal information with anyone else except in the case of my own death or serious illness. In this instance I would like to share your first name and phone number as I have in place an agreement with a college who would contact you to let you know of my situation and would offer you support and a referral to another counsellor if you require it.