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Data Protection

Your trust in me in important, I aim to be clear open and honest in all aspects of our relationship

I will keep brief hand written notes about our work together. These aid my memory and help me to provide my best service to you. I will not keep these notes for longer than we work together.

I am required by my insurance company to log our work together including our starting and ending dates, your contact details and brief notes about our work, most specifically any difficulties that occurred. I will keep these details for 5 years.

In order that your information remains anonymous I keep your notes separately to your personal details and keep all of my paperwork in locked storage boxes. 

You are free to read these notes at any time.

Your rights under GDPR;

You have the right to request access to your client record and receive an explanation of what is held within it.

You have the right to withdraw consent, to request erasure or correction of your client record, to request portability, or to object to or restrict collection and processing of your data.

You have the right to know the source/s of personal data not originating from yourself, and the right to not receive unsolicited marketing.


You have the right to be made aware of any automatic decision making processes (e.g, profiling) and any significance and consequence for yourself.


You will be made aware of any data breaches within 72 hours. You will be compensated for any damage or distress caused by the data breach.


You have the right to complain to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) if you are unhappy with the data processing arrangements, and to engage representation from a not-for-profit body in doing so.


I do not use online digital storage.

I do save data on my laptop and an external storage drive. Both of these devices are password protected and for my own use only. The external storage is kept in a locked box.

I store your phone number on my phone and your e-mail address on my computer. 

These devices are both for my personal use, are password protected and carry the latest security software. 

I will keep text exchanges or email exchanges relating to our work, I will not store this information for longer than we work together.

I store this information to enable me to work most effectively with you.

I will not share your personal information with anyone else except in the case of my own death or serious illness during our work together. In this instance I would like to share your name and phone number as I have in place an agreement with a colleague. They will contact you to let you know of my situation and offer you support and a referral to another counsellor if you require it.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office you can check my registration at this address

registration number: ZA791915 

name: Rebecca Davies.

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