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 I think supervision is a gift, this time for exploration of our work can not be over looked. 

My supervision model is born from my person centred roots.

I aim to foster autonomy in my supervises and encourage them to shape their supervision in the way that suits them.

I allow time for you personally, time for you to reflect on your clients and time to explore theory, ethics and the practicalities of running a counselling practice.

I think a good relationship is core to good supervision and I hope to build a strong working relationship with as much equality as is possible given the inherent power imbalance in the supervisory setting. 

My qualification allows me to work face to face or online I have chosen to work exclusively online and can offer sessions via video (Zoom), on the phone, via text or through email. Read more about my different modes of delivery here. I find all of these modes of delivery to be very effective and am happy to explore with you which method may suit you best.

I work to the BACP ethical code and I am keen to keep the client at the heart of our work. I would hope you find supervision with me to be supportive and also challenging. 

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