Affordable Counselling


If you would like to have counselling but are unable to pay my usual price of £40 per session I am able to offer you affordable counselling. This would be based upon what you are able to pay. I offer this because I am aware that counselling can be hugely beneficial but is also unaffordable for many people. There are charities which offer counselling at a reduced rate but there is nothing in my local area and often these offer limited sessions, have a waiting list and are for specific areas eg: addiction. 

When you contact me or come for your first session we will discuss payment and this is the point at which you will need to make me aware that you are looking for affordable counselling. We will have a conversation around what you feel you can afford to pay. We will revisit the question of affordability throughout your counselling to ensure that the cost stays in line with your circumstances.


It is usual at the start of counselling to agree a number of sessions for example 6, this forms part of the frame of our counselling agreement. In this example of 6 sessions I would explore in session 4 how you feel things are going, will 6 sessions be enough? In session 5 we will decide if session 6 will be your last session or if we are going to work together for longer. We would then agree how many more sessions might be needed and we can repeat this process as often as is necessary. I would introduce the question of cost at the same time and we can adjust our agreement as necessary.